Was braut sich zusammen?


“We innovate cooking” bedeutet auch, ein Teil der Welt der Gastronomie zu sein, und das nicht nur mit innovativen Geräten, sondern auch mit Ideen und Initiativen zur Weiterbildung, die in diesem Bereich immer unverzichtbarer wird. Erfahren Sie sofort, was es bei Olis Neues gibt, und folgen Sie uns weiterhin: Für uns sind Sie bereits aktiver Teil unserer Vision.

Ein neues Konzept von Design, Technik und Funktionalität. Mit der neuen Küche "Diamond" alles unter Kontrolle und es ist leicht, mit perfekten Ergebnissen zu kochen. Ergonomischer Drehknopf , elektronische Schnittstelle und intuitive Anzeige. Von Olis mit Leichtigkeit , Präzision und Effizienz zu arbeiten.

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OHSAS 18001, Ein Nachhaltiges Verfahren zum Arbeitsschutz

Die Arbeitssicherheit ist  eines wichtigen und anspruchsvollen Prozesses LESEN SIE DIE NACHRICHTEN

Materialien und Gegenstaende im kontakt mit Lebensmittlen

Unter dem Begriff “Lebensmittelkontaktmaterialien” versteht man alle Materialien und Gegenstände, die dazu bestimmt sind, mit Lebensmitteln in Berührung zu kommen



Olis ist nach 9001:2015 Zertifiziert

Am 27. März 2019 hat das Unternehmen Olis ein bedeutendes Ziel erreicht. Ihm wurde von der italienischen Zertifizierungsstelle IMQ die Zertifizierung nach ISO 9001:2015 seines Qualitätsmanagement-Systems ausgestellt

Olis box set

A box with many ideas inside          


Slow cooking means speedy service

The most important resource to manage in a professional kitchen is time.


The taste is inside the bratt-pan

Uncover the lid to discover bratt-pans main features READ THE ARTICLE

Bottega Portici & Olis bring Italian cuisine in plain sight.

The tast of fresh pasta blends with the design of a professional show kitchen.


  Passpartout and Olis open the doors (at least in part) to his kitchen in this video! Do you want to discover a "behind the scenes" of this mysterious place, a stone throw from St. Pietro in Rome?


A cooking day in Thailand

Olis with its corporate chef and commercial staff performing a demonstration cooking day on Fit-Pan and on Diamante kitchens by Allied Metals.

Host 2019

Host 2019, the place to be.  We are already working to a new great event: show-cooking, innovation and professionalism.  




Diamante training in Estonia

Olis started the 2019 on the road to the wonderful Tallin, for a training on Diamante kitchens with the staff of Metos Estonia.

The Norwegian House of Kebab

A short story of a great chain business Client : Bislett Kebab House Location ; Oslo in the suburb named Kaldbakken Bislett Kebab House opened their first place in 1995, today they are a well known brand in Oslo and the surrounding areas, people come from a far to visit, they are a cult place among the kebab outlets. They are know for good food, quick service, large portions and low prices. The chain is fully owned by the Aziz brothers, with Mr Tariq Aziz as the front figure, who also opened the first place in 1995. The chain has developed and expanded to a modern quick service chain ready to fold their brand across Norway.

Fit-pan Multifunction Steam cooking modality

7 cooking modality in one equipment. A traditional kitchen in just 400 mm width of space.



New Deep Fryer EVO. A deep fryer worth discovering. Small, but ingenious, features to improve the your frying experience

New Olis drop-in line. Perfect in any style.   More space and maximum hygiene A complete and versatile insert range. A touch of style in the kitchen with two installation options

How to clean a griddle plate easily

Do you know how to do it?


Multifunktionsgaren Fit-Pan, ein Joker der Küche

Ein komplett Menu mit einem einzigen Maschine. Ein einziges Gerät, viele Garmodi.   

Entedecken Sie die neue Olis App

Was können Sie finden? Technischen Datenblätter enzusehen oder zu herunterzuladen; Kataloge mit interaktiven Explosionszeichnungen; usführlriche Ersatzteilliste: Sie können eine Explosionszeichung auswählen und den Zugang auf der Ersatzteilliste haben. Sie können Fotos und Preise sehen und direkt Online die Ersatzteile bestellen.A

A contemporary Brasserie in Dubai

Dubai is mostly a place in which innovation and design are protagonist, especially in Dubai Design District. D3 is a purpose-built master-plan development dedicated to the design community including startups, entrepreneurs and established international design, luxury and fashion brands. 

Metos Norway visiting Olis

We invited them and they came! On the 20th of February, Metos Norway arrived to our Dolomites to visit Olis factory. As it comes in big families, we met after a while to see what's new ...

Australian Multifunctional Cooking

2 days of demo cooking during which Sirron Holdings' team and Olis trained, cooked and...ate! Olis Corporate Chef presented...

Olis catering equipment hits the air with Ethiopian Airlines

In line with the ETHIOPIAN’s vision, the catering unit is designed and built from Olis and Comex to accommodate and meet the ever growing catering needs of Ethiopian Airlines with more than 240 daily flights and other Ethiopian customer airlines flying to Addis Ababa. The new catering facility is said the largest in the continent of Africa.

4 tips for planners: how to design a professional kitchen

Our distributor partner in Greece shared with us some advise about the planning of a professional kitchen, in particular speaking of two projects realized with Olis in Athens and Halkidiki. "...When designing a restaurant kitchen, we make sure to get some insight from the people involved with the operation; such as the chef, the restaurant manager, the owner..."    Xenex, since 1970, has been playing an important role in the infrastructure of the hospitality industry in Greece, providing high quality equipment and services in the foodservice and laundry sectors. Xenex Steel, subsidiary of Xenex, is specialized in designing, fabricating and installing standard and bespoke stainless steel fabrications for the foodservice sector.

An amazing cooking night in Bethlehem

In a warm mid-July evening, in a place of  "Tthousand and one nights", Venetian cuisine blended with Palestinian flavours and the result was really amazing. Olis was protagonist at a gala dinner as the inaugural event of the Innovat8ion (it's not a keyboard mistake!). 

A tailor-made Diamante Kitchen

Close to tradition but focused on innovation. This is the common point that has led Olis to design and realize the Diamante Kitchen  for the "Locanda del Frantoio in Verona (Italy), where you can taste typical dishes of italian tradition and the olive oil, produced for generations as family business from Redoro Frantoi Veneti...

Mit dem neuen "Diamante" ist alles griffbereit.

Ergebnis der soliden Tradition von Olis ist die neue Herd-Reihe "Diamante", die entwickelt wurde, um die Arbeit in der Küche zu vereinfachen.